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The Global Education Club (Global Club) is a voluntary group of students from grade 4 and up. These students meet weekly to help fix the problems of our world. The problems of our planet are the same as the problems in our community of Fort McMurray, and in our country of Canada. 

We believe that everyone is responsible for becoming aware of issues facing the people and environment of this planet. If people are not part of the solution, then they are part of the problem. We believe everyone can make a difference.

Since 1991, our club, and our school community, has done hundreds of activities that have helped our world. You can too! We hope this site, and these children's success, will help inspire you  - whatever your age, location or situation - to do more wonderful helping projects, at school, at home, at work

This project was funded in part by the Helen Tkachenko Global Education Fund Grant,
through the Alberta Teachers Association Educational Trust


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