We used alliteration (repeating the first sound) to make these fun tongue twisters.
Alliteration is often used in poems and titles.
Try saying each of them five times really fast!.

Mark the maggot married a mommy monkey in March. (by Riley)

Mary the maggot married Marvin Maggot to make money. (by Kenny)

Piler the pupa made pumpkin pie for Pam the porcupine. (by Kenny)

Fanny the fantastic fly found a fabulous funky fish. (by Christine)

"Please peek into Penalope's pocket," pleaded Pepper the pupa. (by Taylor)

Peter the purple pupa planned to pummel pink pillars. (by William)

Molly the maggot made a marvellous medicine mixture. (by Britni)

Pam Pupa picked a perfect pupa pal. (by Christine)

Flies flutter faster when having fun. (Brandon)

Chrysalises catch cool colds by crying calmly. (Robbie)

Marvellous Marvin made a mail box. (Laurissa)

Peter the pupa played ping pong against pretty puppies. (Shaneil)

Mogaly the maggot made my monkey into a monster marshmallow. (Mark)