We learned that all of science is questions. Answers are found out by research or experiments.

These are good steps to follow when doing research:

1. Brainstorm questions.  Click on this fly to see (and print out) our 45 research questions. 
2. Brainstorm where to find the answers.
(We found websites that are good for kids with interesting and accurate information.)
3. Find the answers and extra information. (We spent 2 hour-long sessions in our computer lab finding answers to our questions. Then we did an extra hour of homework with these links as well!)
4. Write a rough copy of the report.
5. Self-edit, peer edit and edit it with an adult.
6. Write or type a good copy (we spent 1 1/2 hours typing on computers).
7. Make a nice title. (We spent an hour using Word Art)
8. Make a nice front cover (Ms Cochrane gave us each a photograph of a fly, pupa or larva for the front.)
9. Write up test questions for our parents. (They did not do well!)
10. Write your own test as a group. (Ms Cochrane copied our best questions into three quizzes for us.)
11. Share your results. (We shared our work with our Grade 2 friends.)

These are the websites we went to.

Fly Information
Common House Fly
Pest Management

Insects, Spiders, Mice ...
How to Make a Fly Trap
House Fly
Maggots Cleaning Wounds

Here are some of our completed reports.



As you can see, it took us several weeks to start, complete, and celebrate our research.
We learned a lot about computers while we learned about flies!


Click on the fly to see our test questions!