Group 3

These are "Sound Poems" suggested by Kenneth Koch 
in Wishes, Lies and Dreams: Teaching Children To Write Poetry
ISBN 0-06-080530-7 1080

One Noisy Fly
by Britni

There's a fly
In a fancy restaurant

It falls
In the chicken soup
It is slipping 
On the yellow margarine
It smacks 
into a pan

Yells the manager
At the top of her lungs
"Get away from here!"

It flies to a stack 
Of menus
The manager says
"Get out of here!
Flies aren't allowed
On the menu!"

Fly Soup
by Kenny

There's a fly
In my tomato soup
I don't like it one bit

The fly flies up
The fly falls in my soda
It gets the hiccups
My dad says,
"Waiter, get rid of this fly!"

The waiter gets the fly swatter.
The fly plops
in the bubbling, boiling
Splatting soup

What do you know!
It's dead!
But the poem doesn't end
The eggs it laid
Will hatch sometime. 


Fly In A Restaurant
by Robbie

There are a hundred flies
In a fancy restaurant
They find the kitchen

They're breaking the most beautiful plates
They're whacking the expensive pans
They're breaking the delicate drinking glasses
"What do you think you're doing?"
One of the waitresses yells

The flies pick her up
They carry her behind the restaurant
And throw her in the dumpster
They go back in the restaurant
And finish their fancy dinner. 

Flies In The Restaurant

by Carla

There are flies
In the fancy restaurant
They're into
The restaurant kitchen
Pots and pans Boom Crash Bang!

They're on
Peoples' colourful plates
One person yells
"Get off my food
With your ugly feet!"

A dirty fly
Lands on a rich woman
She screams
"Get off my delicate skin!"

A black fly
Lands on a noisy boy's clean hand
"Get off my hand
I hate red eyed flies!"

"Buzz" said the fly.
The boy's hand went 

The Fancy Restaurant
by Nicole

I'm a busy fly
In a fancy restaurant
Ugly as a bulldog
Small as a blade of grass
I smell like a rat

I'm bumping 
Into the brown turkey
No time to eat

I'm crashing 
Into the sweet apple pie
No time to eat

I'm dropping
In the orange jello
No time to eat

I'm smacking 
My spongy lips
But no time to eat

I'm drooling
On the double decker
Fudge chocolate
Triple brownie cake!

How can I resist
chomp munch smack
(I'm never too busy for chocolate!)


Fly Soup
by Riley

Into the pots and pans
Into the forks and knives
Into the cutting board
Into the boiling soup
No more noise

(Cough, choke, hack)