Group 2

These poems were inspired by:
"A Dragon In The Classroom", by Charles Thomson, in Dragon Poems
"The Creature In The Classroom", by Jack Prelutsky, in Kids Pick The Funniest Poems

The Big Fly
by Jessica

There's a big fly
In the gym
Gulping all the basketballs

There's a big fly
Nibbling little
pieces off the scooters

There's a big fly
crunching all 
Five hoops
And volleyballs

The big fly
Ate the gym teacher
"Oh no!
There's no gym!"
The kids yelled.

Giant Fly
by Avery

There's a giant fly
In my classroom
It's eating up the stuffed beaver
It's gobbling the computer

It's taking down
The alphabet
Then the teacher
Says "OUT!"

But the giant fly
Doesn't listen
It just says,
"Where's an orange?"

The teacher 
Is holding
An orange

Instead it swallows
The teacher.
Everybody gasps.

One Annoying Fly
by Mark

There's a giant fly in the classroom
He just ate our homework
"Yippee!" yelled the kids
"No homework today!"
"Fly, you just lost your recess," 
Said the teacher

There's a fly in the classroom
He gobbled up our desks
He was still hungry 
When the teacher screamed,
"Ah! No, no, no!
Give me back my wig!
You get a detention!"

It was still devouring
Our fantastic computer
It got bigger and bigger
When it ate the chalkboard
Second by second
Larger and larger
Minute by minute

The teacher screeched
"You're suspended!"

The fly gobbled her up
Bald head and all!


by Laurissa

There is a big black fly
In the classroom
It sure likes us

It gobbled Mark
With a look on its face
It crunched Riley
With his shoes on tight
It even swallowed
The screaming teacher
And the kids cried with joy

It munched Logan down whole
It wolfed down Victor greedily
It smacked its lips
When it tasted Avery.
It even slurped Brandon's sweat

Mark, Riley, the Teacher, 
Logan, Victor, Avery
And Brandon tried
But they were no matches
For a giant fly

They were never seen again. 

The Fly's Adventures
by Shaneil

There's a fly in the music room
He is in the shiny trumpet
Mark plays it
All of a sudden he blows.

Now he is in Laurissa's wet flute
Laurissa accidentally breathes in
Oops she swallows the fly
She immediately spits him out.

He is in Brittany's recorder
She screams when she saw him!
She drops flat to the floor!
The music teacher yells at us,

"Stop fooling around!"
The fly drops into her cup
She drinks him up. 

Go Out Fly
By Victor

There was a giant fly 
In the classroom
The teacher laughed and jumped
"Good art," cried the teacher

"I'm not art," said the giant fly
"I'm here to eat the class."
"No you're not, Mister.
Now get out," shouted the teacher.

The fly didn't listen
He began to eat
"Get out!" yelled the teacher.
The fly looked at the teacher
It gobbled her up!

The Humungous Fly
by William

There's a huge fly
In the music room
It's chewing
The piano strings

It's chomping
The green blackboard
It's vomiting
On the metal triangles

"Go away or I'll call the principal!"
Yells the teacher
The big fly opens his mouth
And gulps down the teacher