You need to write a number sentence answer,
and then a word sentence answer for each question. 
Decide whether you need to
subtract or divide.

1. There were 12 legs. How many flies were there in all?

2. There were 15 flies. 7 took a nap. How many were awake?

3. Twenty flies were buzzing. Seven flies stopped buzzing. How many flies were still buzzing? (Why do they buzz?)

4. There were 35 flies. 5 were flying. How many flies weren't flying?

5. There were 35 flies. There were equal numbers sitting on 5 different desks. How many flies were on each desk?

6. There were 16 flies. Four could fly. How many more flies could walk than fly?

7. 24 flies were owned by three children. How many flies did each child have?

8. There were 30 body parts. How many flies were there?

9. Ten flies landed in equal numbers on 5 oranges. How many were on each orange?

10. There were 27 pupae, spread evenly between 3 containers. How many were in each container?

Challenge questions:

11. If there were 20 flies, and 6 were dead, how many moving legs would there be?

12. 4 flies each laid 20 eggs. 3 eggs didn't hatch. How many eggs did hatch?

13. There were 100 flies. 16 died. 17 flew away. 29 fell asleep. How many were awake and moving?

14. Two people each had 7 flies. Six people each had 3 flies. 4 flies died. How many were there alive in total?

15. There were 45 teachers. Six teachers hated flies. Ten didn't care one way or the other. The rest loved flies, and each had 5. How many flies were there?