You need to write a number sentence answer, and then a word sentence answer for each question. 

Decide whether you need to divide, multiply, subtract or add.

1. Seven children each had 6 maggots. How many did they have in total?

2. The class started with 70 maggots. 23 died. 5 were frozen. How many hatched into flies?

3. There were 16 flies on 4 apples. How many were on each apple?

4. Ten kids each had six flies. How many did they have in all?

5. One class had 20 maggots. The second class had 63 maggots. The third class had 79 maggots. How many were there in total?

6. There were 40 teachers. 16 hated maggots. 7 didn't mind them. How many actually liked maggots?

7. There were 3 custodians. They each vacuumed up 8 flies. How many were vacuumed in total?

8. Your class had 70 maggots. Another class had 59 maggots. How many more maggots did your class have?

9. There were 100 maggots and 25 students. How many maggots did each lucky student get?

10. There were 2 dozen flies. 3 died. How many were left?

Challenge questions:
11. There were 600 flies in 3 classrooms. 15 flies died in each room. How many flies were left alive in total?

12. There were 77 flies on 7 animals. They each laid 100 eggs. How many eggs were on each animal?

13. There were 66 flies. Half were grey. The other half were black. How many legs were on the black flies in total?