You need to write a number sentence answer, and then a word sentence answer for each question. 

Decide whether you need to subtract or divide.

1. There are 4 plates and 16 flies. If there were the same number of flies on each plate, how many would there be on each?

2. There were 16 flies. Four were vacuumed up by the custodian. How many were left?

3. If there were three oranges and 18 flies, how many would be on each orange (the same number on each)?

4. There were 25 students and 25 flies. How many flies did they each have?

5. There were 25 students and they ate all 25 flies. How many flies were left?

6. There were 6 children and 24 flies. How many flies would each child get?

7. There were ten classrooms and 100 flies. How many flies were in each classroom?

8. There were 100 flies. Ten were red-eyed. How many were not?

9. There were thirty-six flies. Six preferred walking. How many preferred flying?

10. There were thirty-six flies. There were six laying eggs on each dead animal. How many dead animals were there?

Challenge question:

11. There were 100 flies. 6 died. 17 preferred walking. The flying ones each laid 5 eggs. How many eggs were laid?