You need to write a number sentence answer,
and then a word sentence answer for each question. Decide whether you need to add or multiply.

1. There are 10 flies. Each fly has 2 wings. How many wings are there in all?

2. There were 9 maggots that were white, and 5 that were burgundy. How many were there in all?

3. Three children ate 9 maggots each. How many maggots were eaten altogether?

4. Eight flies each laid 100 eggs. How many eggs did they lay altogether?

5. There are 5 flies. Each fly has 6 legs. How many legs are there in all?

6. 4 houses each had 20 flies in them. How many flies were there in all 4 houses?

7. In a maggot race, Maggot Mike took 86 seconds. Maggot Mary took 95 seconds. How many seconds did they take in all?

8. Maggots Mike and Mary race 10 cm each. How many cm did they travel altogether?

9. There are eight flies. How many body parts do they have in all?

10. There were 6 maggots in one container, and 3 in another. How many maggots were there altogether?