Homework for the class one night was to interview an adult to find out a really gross, true life maggot experience. This is what we found!

  Britni: One day we gave our dog a ham bone. She took it out to the back yard. A couple of days later while cleaning the yard we found the bone by the garbage can. When dad picked it up the underside was covered in maggots. After that we threw it away. It was the first time my dad ever saw a maggot.

Riley: When my mom was pregnant, she worked at a local newspaper. At the time, it was in the lower level of a strip-mall, under a grocery store. The grocery store was having some problems with their freezer. It shut down! Before long , they had maggots-everywhere! One day , as my mom sat at her desk, maggots began to drop from the ceiling tile onto her paper work. She freaked out. To this day she doesn't like the look of white rice.

Christine: In Korea my dad went pee in the outhouse. There were always maggots in the toilet. My dad always tried to kill them by peeing on them. But they wouldn't die. They loved it in that condition. They looked like small grains of rice. They always laid more eggs. Their living for food was pee and pooh. My dad always liked to aim and fire at the maggots in the toilet.

William: When my grandpa was little he would go walking down by a creek. One day when he was walking he saw a dead muskrat. He went over to it. There were tons of flies buzzing around it. He opened the muskrat a bit. Inside he found lots of little maggots squirming around.

Taylor: My baba took my mom and two aunts  and my uncle grocery shopping. To get the waiting going my baba bought a Hershey bar. Baba broke it in four pieces. My mom and two aunts and uncle looked at the pieces. there were maggots everywhere in the bar and the bag! My baba got a box of Hershey bars for free. The store keeper was disgusted that there were maggots in his bars.    

Alana: When my grandpa was  little, he helped a guy set up a net for catching fish. The last person that used the net left a fish in it. When they were starting to set it up they saw the old fish. On the fish there were maggots all over it. There were maggots all over the net, too.

  Laurissa: When my mom was my age she found a dead bird. It had been in the sun for a while so it looked dried up. Uncle Michael, mom's brother, took a stick and flipped the dead bird over. There were maggots all over the bottom of the bird! They were all grossed out. I would have vomited.   

Nicole: Dad was working at a chicken farm in 1973. He worked there after school and on weekends. This farm had on average 48,000 chickens housed in four huge barns. Boy did it stink! The chickens lived twenty to a cage. They sometimes escaped from the cages. When this happened the chickens would die. Sometimes they would not be found for days. As you could imagine, when the dead chickens were picked up, thousands of maggots would be inside them. Yuck!

Mrs. Bornowsky: On the train from Edmonton to Saskatoon, I bought a Cherry Blossom (a chocolate bar). The train was dark. I took a bite. I felt something crawling and not tasting right. I ran to the bathroom and turned the light on. I looked at my chocolate bar. It was full of maggots! I'd already taken a large bite! The maggots were crawling in my mouth! I'll never forget that in my entire life!

Ms Cochrane: I had a small container of yogurt in my backpack that I took to Toronto, in case I got hungry on the plane. When I unpacked, I forgot to take out the yogurt. The air in it expanded and the little foil lid popped. When I found it, it was crawling with little baby maggots!

Mrs. Marcellus: I was cleaning out an old handbag just last week. I found it in the closet and was searching through it to see if there was anything in it that might be useful. I put my hand into a pocket and felt something squishy. I dumped out the pocket and there was a little brown maggot that had somehow hatched and lived in that old hand bag for how long I do not know. WEIRD!!!

Mrs. Webb: I once bought chicken from a supermarket in England that had maggots in. I shrieked when I saw them. It truly was disgusting. I didn't eat any chicken for abut 3 years afterwards. I got a free supply of veggies from the supermarket though.