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Ms Miller's Class
2003/4 grade 3 class
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A palm full of maggots!

This project was done together with the students. They brainstormed the questions, resources, types of writing and art they could do, and then did it. They helped build the website, finding links, buzzing sounds and graphics, making word searches on-line, and drawing art. Three helped design the titles. One helped photograph a fly hatching. All students typed their own work, with Ms Cochrane helping on the site in some places. Ms Cochrane scanned the photos and art at home, e-mailed them to school, and inserted them with the help of students. A temporary page was made on her own website so students could do research and homework from home until the full site was finished and published on the cole Dickinsfield School server. Other teachers and classes were approached to see if they would like to contribute.

The students were open minded, hard-working, and enthusiastic.
They knew that only well done work could go on the website, and they did their best.
We are very proud of them. 

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Maggot and pupa photos by Greg Halinda Photography
Hatching and adult fly photos by Ms Cochrane
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