When the flies had all died, we thought it would be nice to honour them by telling about their interesting lives.

Homer's Life
by Brandon

Homer was laid on a dead animal. His birth mother died as soon as he was laid. He had no brothers nor sisters. They all died. Homer was found when he hatched. He was put on a train and went to Edmonton. He was put on a bus from there. He travelled and stayed a maggot on the bus. He traveled to Ft. McMurray. He went to a fishing store. Mark's teacher wanted maggots for pets. So Mark's family went to the fishing store to find some maggots. Mark found a bag of maggots at the fishing store. Mark went to school with them to show his teacher the new class pets. First he showed them for Show and Tell. Everybody asked questions. They turned into pupae. Logan said, "When will they change?" Mark said, "Probably in the next two weeks." So everybody waited and waited. Everybody thought that they were still chrysalises. Ms Cochrane opened their container. There were lots of flies. "Flies!" she gasped and more hatched. Mrs. Turner the principal came in. She was frightened. Homer turned into a fly. His wings were all crumpled up. Homer was free. He even ate all of the kids' lunches. Homer will probably sleep tonight. On the weekend he might get the teacher to leave food out for him. He'll eat all the oranges. Homer will live happily ever after.

Bart's Biography
by Logan

Bart was laid on a rotten banana peel. He was in an egg. He was a maggot, then a pupa, then a fly. He came to school as a maggot. Bart played with his friends. He liked the dark. He changed into a pupa. He stayed like that for 3 weeks. We thought he had died. We asked to see him. When my teacher opened the container, she was surprised. He was hatched from his pupa. Bart travelled the world that was our class. He ate apples, oranges, and mangos. He listened to stories a lot with us. We wrote his birth announcement. We did math with flies. He could hang upside-down. He hung out on an apple. He liked oranges the best. I think it is because the orange has more juice in it than the apple. I think he liked it there better than the banana peel. He played hide and go seek. He flew around a lot. He liked it by the window. He hid behind the stuffed beaver. I think it was 3 or 4 weeks later that he was flying and walking. Then he got squished.

George's Biography
by William

George was born on a rotting dead mouse. Soon after George hatched, he was captured. He was in a small plastic bag with lots of other maggots. There was lots of sawdust in the bag. George spent about one week in the bag in a fishing store. One day a boy came into the store and bought George and the others. They were brought to a house. The next morning George was put into a gigantic bag. He was picked up. George was jiggled around a bit. Finally he was picked out of the giant bag. George and the others were in a  big room filled with desks. The small plastic bag was then opened. George fell down on a blue piece of paper. Soon he was put in an empty sour cream container. George and the others were let out again on the next day. That day George was put into lots of enormous hands. A couple of days later, George became very stiff and hard. All the other maggots became stiff too. They stayed hard for two long weeks. Suddenly George became able to get out of his hard chrysalis. George had two wet crumpled wings. George started to dry his wet wings. When George's wings were dry he started to hop. After lots of jumps George could stay in the air for awhile. George saw some pieces of orange. He flew over to the orange. He started to sip the orange. He ate oranges and hung out on windows. George did this most of the time. One day when George was exploring the floor, a giant foot loomed above him. George did not see the huge foot coming. Just when the foot was five centimeters away from George, he got a message. The message was from his hairs. It told him there was motion above. The giant foot came down and squished George.

Sticky Feet's Life
by Laurissa

There was a fly named Sticky Feet. He was laid on a deer's eyeball. He, his brothers and sisters got sold to a fishing store. There they waited and waited. Mark came and picked them up there. They had the adventure of going into Marks' backpack. He waited a long time to get out of the dark. Finally he came out. He was shown to everyone. Overnight he turned into a pupa. Two to three weeks later he hatched, or should I say tried to. Our teacher Ms Cochrane had to help him. She helped him by taking a needle and breaking his shell so he could get out. When he got out he had sticky stuff all over his feet. That is why we named him Sticky Feet. He used to hang out by the lights or the windows. He crawled on my hand. At night he would buzz, "BUZZZZZZZZZ!" For some reason he, his brothers and sisters didn't like to fly. They walked most of the time. They couldn't camouflage very well though. Every one of the flies loved the ceiling. Another reason we called him Sticky Feet is because he had sticky pads so he could stick on the ceiling without falling. He could use the hooks on his feet too, but that is not why we called him Sticky Feet. Sticky Feet almost died hatching. Sticky feet had six legs. Sticky Feet had holes in the side of his body for breathing. Sticky Feet had two antennae. Sticky Feet had 3 main body parts: the head, thorax and the abdomen. He died at the age of 2 weeks. I miss him.

June's Life
by Avery

June was in an egg. He was laid on a rat. When he hatched, all the other maggots had hatched already and were eating the rat. June started eating the rat. A man came and brought half of the maggot family to a fishing store. They sat there and sat there for days. One day a kid came in and bought them. The kid put them in his backpack and took them to a school. There were lots of kids there. The kid put the maggots in a classroom. The teacher of the classroom put the maggots in a container. Every day they would dump them out onto a piece of blue paper with saw dust and look at them. After 7 days June turned into a pupa. After two weeks June hatched. He had 6 legs and 2 crumpled up wings. After awhile his wings were uncrumpled. He learned to fly. The teacher fed him apples or oranges. He preferred oranges. Some were still in the pupa. After four days the teacher took some pupas and put them in a different container. They put those pupas in a freezer. After 3 days they took them out. They were dead. June felt so mad he wished he was giant size and could gobble them up. After a couple of days one fly got squished and another got zapped by the light. The one that got squished was called Hopper because he didn't fly. He always hopped. Almost all of the flies died. One went in a vent. Then June died. When all the flies died most of the class was sad.

The Fly's Adventurous Life
by Taylor

There once was a fly egg named Hoppy. Hoppy was laid on rotten moose meat. The eggs took about one day to hatch. After they hatched they turned into larvae. Someone found them. They put the larvae in a shop called Rigs, Jigs and Tails. It was a fishing store. Mark decided to buy some fly larvae. He brought them to school. Most of the kids were happy. Others were disgusted. We had lots of fun with them. On the third day we got to hold them. They really tickled. A couple of days later Ms Cochrane brought them to the Y.M.C.A. They got to stay in Ms Cochrane's locker while Ms Cochrane swam. They even got their pictures taken. It was the life for Hoppy the maggot. The day finally came for Hoppy to turn into a pupa. We waited and waited and waited, which seemed like years. It was only 3 weeks. We were almost positive they had died. Ms Cochrane looked every day. No change. One day Ms Cochrane opened the lid... Ms Cochrane jumped with surprise. Some flies had hatched! The wings were crumpled still. Hoppy hadn't been in the first batch. The next day there were more flies. Still no Hoppy. A couple of days later Ms Cochrane rushed into the computer lab. Hoppy was hatching! Hoppy took about 2 hours to come out (all the others took 15 minutes). Ms Cochrane helped Hoppy get out with a needle. Once Hoppy was out he like the window best because of the lights. He liked oranges better than apples. Hoppy couldn't fly. He could only hop. He looked really funny because all the other flies could fly, but Hoppy couldn't. Hoppy died because he couldn't fly. He got squished by someone.

It's A Fly's Life
by Carla

One sunny morning in summer, Saphire laid eggs on road kill. Saphire flew away. The eggs hatched into maggots. The maggots started eating away on the road kill until it was all gone. That night the maggots went to sleep. The next morning two people who owned a fishing store came looking for maggots. The two people saw the road kill and came over to it. They saw the maggots, put them in a plastic bag, and went back to the fishing store with all 65 maggots. When the maggots got there the two people put a price tag on them. The very next day Mark came and bought the maggots. The next day Mark brought the maggots for show and tell. Ms Cochrane asked if we could keep them. Mark said, "Yes." We kept the maggots in a container. Every day we would look at the maggots and see how they changed. After five days some of the maggots were turning into pupae. All the maggots were turning hard. One day all of the maggots were turned into pupae. After three weeks, Ms Cochrane opened up the container that held the pupae. Ms Cochrane opened the lid and flies were crawling everywhere. After all the excitement, the flies were in the container sleeping. The next morning there were flies flying all around. One of the flies were on the months of the year, on June. Ms Cochrane helped one of Saphire's flies, Sticky Feet, get out of its pupa. The next two days all the flies had hatched.

A Fly's Life
by Bryan

One day there was a fly that just laid 100 eggs. She was exhausted but determined
to name each and every one of them: Max, Jack, Shane and so on. After she had named 99 she fainted. One day later Max hatched. Max crawled up and down a tree branch. He soon discovered his mom who was falling off the branch. He crawled up and bit her wing. Slowly but surely Max pulled her up. He crawled away. He slowly crawled down the tree trunk. He had found a rotten elk. There were lots of little white things just like him. Max crawled over. Everyone was eating it. Max did too. Soon a man with gloves and a container came. The man picked up Max and put Max in. When Max saw light he was in a place with fish on the wall. After a couple of seconds the lid closed. Two days later the container started to shake. He saw light this time. Max saw a face. A boy said, "Hello, my name is Mark." Max crawled out. Mark put Max back in. The next morning the lid opened. Ms Cochrane said, "Wow. Good job Mark." Mark said, "Thanks." Two weeks later Max turned black an couldn't move. Three weeks later he hatched again. It was a struggle. Ten minutes later he popped out. He walked around. Max saw he had wings. He flew away. Max explored the teacher's desk. Max found pencils, erasers and paper. Max flew over to the garbage. He found half an orange. Max barfed and ate. After Max ate he was too heavy to fly. The custodian dumped him into the garbage. He went to the dump. He found some nutritious food. He could not stand the smell and died by suffocation!