Kitty Cochrane

Primary Teacher 
Singer & Songwriter
Scuba Diver
Human Rights Advocate 


Kitty Cochrane has been teaching since 1987. She has mostly taught Grade 1,2 and 3, and works at École Dickinsfield School,  a great school that's part of Ft. McMurray Public School District.  She lives and works in the small city of Ft. McMurray, Alberta, Canada.  


She has been writing songs since the age of 8.  Her songs, both children's and adult, are about what all people experience: love, annoyance, loneliness, worry, sticking up for yourself, eating disgusting things, snoring...

She does music for the joy of it, combining quality with simplicity, humour with heart.   Her musical goal is to create and share music that is enjoyable, unique, simple, and sincere.


For 20 years, Kitty has been performing at various heart-warming events, such as schools, pre-schools, Ft. McMurray Multicultural Association, Lethbridge Folk Club, South Country Fair, North Country Fair, coffee houses, women's celebrations, and benefits.

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