Since 1987, Kitty has led over three dozen in-services and workshops for parents and teachers on science, reading, writing, poetry, social studies, global education, and experiential education strategies.  The workshops are engaging and packed with effective tools and tips.   

Coconut Moon Workshop  

This is an interactive one hour session that engages teachers in using the songs from Coconut Moon as an easy, fun resource for teaching reading and writing. 

Evaluations from GETCA Teacher's Convention session (March 2, 2006)
"Excellent - thank you for sharing your students' stories and illustrations with each song presented."
"Lots of practical, fun writing ideas!"

"Very cute and creative songs that allow kids to explore their imaginations."
"Excellent - great session!"
"The songs were very creative."
"Your material looks awesome! Thanks for organizing many activities to go with each song."
"I really liked the creativity of the songs and the classroom activities."

"Excellent - well prepared."
"Very good - thank you!"

Evaluations from Alberta’s ECEC Conference (Nov. 8, 2002)
"An entertaining presentation loaded with useful and teacher friendly ideas and strategies. I enjoyed her presentation even better than the keynote speakers!"

“Great session. Wonderful classroom application of user-friendly resources.”

“Kitty shared great ideas for grades 1-3 students. Nice interaction with participants. Super, warm singing voice.”

“Excellent! Awesome ideas. My kids are going to love these ideas.

“Very entertaining. Nice to have practical ideas to use. Ready made to go.”


Evaluations from GETCA Teacher's Convention session (March 3, 2000)

"Excellent! I am excited to use this with my class... just right up my alley!"

"Excellent! Very enjoyable. Super package. Looking forward to trying it. Thank you for all your work."
"Kitty shared a lot of very good ideas."

"Excellent. Very appropriate materials for use in elementary classes. It appears as though the materials are very easy to use."

"Great ideas and sharing of children's creativity."

"Excellent presentation, very useful. Love the idea of sharing her ideas and student work with us." 

"A very neat session! Thank you!" 

"Excellent! Very interesting with highly motivating songs and activities. Teachers could use these Coconut Moon teaching materials as a lesson unit to build on. An exciting way to cover the curriculum."  

"Loved it! Especially the "Getting Up" song - I can relate!"


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