Student Work


Coconut Moon CD/cassette is very inspiring for student writing. 

Hundreds of writing ideas are available, non-profit, with the Teaching Materials. 

Here is some great student work! 

(Thanks to these grade 1-3 students!)


Listen to the song "Coconut Moon."
Draw a travel poster advertising the island. 
Use lots of descriptive words. 


Listen to the song "Coconut Moon". 
Brainstorm 10 unusual ways to open a coconut. 


Listen to the song "Wringer Washing Machine".
Write a list of items you should not put in your pocket. 
Have your neighbour write those items in alphabetical order. 


Listen to the song "Snoring". 
Write a letter to someone real or imaginary discussing their snoring. 
You can use exaggeration for humour.



Listen to the song "Pizza".
Draw an unusual pizza. Label it carefully. Use alliteration in your ingredients. 


Listen to the song "Mud Puddle".
Draw and write about how else you could solve the problem of being stuck in a mud puddle. 

(A dinosaur helped me get into the mud puddle. The long neck. 
A lot of long necks came to rescue me from the mud puddle.)

Listen to the song "Rooster Stew".
Draw a Wanted Poster for an errant rooster. 
Describe him well!

Listen to the song Banana Split. Invent your own unusual Split.
Draw a diagram and label the parts.


Listen to the song "Worm Burger".
Read the words and fill in the blanks. Make it interesting! 

Listen to the song "Worm Burger".
Write a recipe for something that includes worms.


Listen to the song "Everybody Picks On Me".
Write a new verse for the song.

Listen to the story song "Nightmare".
Tell how you think the mom solves the problem of the monster. 

(There is a monster under my peaceful bed. 
The monster has sharp toes and sharp claws scratching under my nice bed...)


Listen to the song "Nightmare".
Compare the monster in the story with another well known monster.  



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