Other Kitty Recordings

Something To Sing About 
Ft. McMurray compilation CD 
Song "When I Moved To Ft. McMurray People Asked Me Why". Sung with Ecole Dickinsfield School students.

Ten Years After
South Country Fair compilation CD
Song "You", CD, adult recording.


Another Child

12 songs.
Adult Recording




Another Child Raves and Reviews

"Singer, songwriter, teacher, traveler, Kitty Cochrane is a witty, warm performer of considerable talent and ability... Kitty is well-remembered for her relaxed, warm stage presence and witty, humorous, honest songs of the 'human-out-of condition'. Kitty is real Folk folk with a fair amount of funk." North Country Fair. 

"Kitty sings poetry that crackles, shines, and touches you somewhere warm inside. Her songs are strength and grit, they are intimacy and celebration, they are irresistible laughter." Catherine Pigott, producer CBC radio.     

"Kitty has real talent. The album is beautifully recorded and the music moves me... Really outstanding..." Ken Hamm, Blues musician.


Another Child Awards  

Songs can be requested on CKUA and some CBC radio stations.


Coconut Moon and Another Child are under Kitty's independent
Raven Mad Music
The aim is quality, humble music, and making as many people
as possible feel good,
both with the process and the product. 

Independent labels record unique, satisfying music. 


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